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I started with keyboards and then the guitar at the age of 8 and then 14. I played some Metallica titles at school concerts and then I discovered rave parties and techno music around 1993. I was an editor for some time and along with it I composed some techno music and Pop Rock pieces as soon as I discovered multi-track recording and editing for instrumental music along with the MC303 platform.

My first trip hop oriented album came out in 1998 along with a first press article. I then bought better equipment to produce “Kx Two” in 2003-2004 bringing pop Rock and groove music together which brought in two press articles and two Internet reviews. But day-to-day survival work, family and social obligations and other duties severed me from my real passion.. I started playing the piano in the meantime and it took more and more importance in my life in music.

"...I had to share my musical emotions with other people by recording my music once again..."

But some short time ago I had the unforeseen opportunity to replace a musician in a concert where I performed on piano & sang some of my compositions.
This heart-felt experience led me to sharing my music and a personal awakening about its value.
Moreover in the same period I met Jacques Coulardeau who was to play a decisive role. Some encouraging support from my family and some friends brought me to realizing at the age of 35 that I had to share my musical emotions with other people by recording my music once again.

That’s how and why I propose you these albums and pretty soon you’ll be able to  discover other projects on this site. At the same time I produce varied musical accompaniment for local TV shows and hopefully soon a national one….

… Enjoy your ride.