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She was born out of a paint pot in 1967, but it was only in Scotland, after studying psychology in Bordeaux, that she got conquered by the desire to paint, a passion that was exacerbated by the beauty of Scottish landscapes.

From 1992 to 1994 she resided in Italy to acquire new techniques from painters in Pietrasanta and Pösitano. She experienced new artistic emotions though the discovery of the works of some Italian masters.


In 1992 she left for the USA. She discovered new inspiring expanses for her reflection in Arizona, New Mexico, New Orleans and Florida. Her desire to find more precise expression led her to take art classes in Santa Fe (painting) and the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida (drawing).

1999 participation to Euro Art in Barcelona, Spain.

2000 participation to Europ’Art, Geneva, Switzerland

2000 exhibition in Galerie d’Art, Lausanne, Switzerland

2001 participation to the art fair Lineart, Ghent, Belgium

2002 exhibition in the Nature Center of Key Biscayne, Florida


In 2003, she went to Vancouver, Canada, and experienced the revelation of a new color spectrum thanks to an ever sharper feeling to be part of nature and the new people and territories she met and discovered.

2004 exhibition at the Alliance Française, Vancouver, Canada

2004 interview on Radio Canada

2004 interview on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation CBC

2005 permanent exhibition at Roche Bobois, Vancouver, Canada

2008 permanent exhibition at Roche Bobois, Calgary, Canada


She traveled several times to Asia and was inspired by their serenity, peacefulness, beauty and spirituality in countries like China and Thailand.

She is looking for a feeling of freedom, beauty, harmony and hope, and she is trying to express through her painting these feelings by being genuinely as close as possible to her authentic and original sensations and perceptions.